Robert Ra is an animator and motion designer without any certain country origin due to his unique life path. He was born in a small Indian village in 1997 and resided during his entire life in various countries. In 2020 Robert moved to Finland where he has based his new home and lives with his partner nowadays. 

“My art path has started in the early ages in Asia, where I was surrounded by many queer artists, hippies, travellers and was immersed in the movement of creative expressions. When I was 12 years old I thoroughly realized that I was able and moreover had to earn money through my art. We were travelling with my mother in South-Eastern Asia at that era, mostly around Thailand and Laos, when one day she told me that we had the last 50$ and there were absolutely no ideas how to earn more money for our lives. Since we did not have any permanent place to live except my mother's Ukrainian parents, and she would have never returned to them after her escape when she was a teenager, I had to come up with my own art-business strategy. I started to print photocopies of my drawings (child drawings) and go around random Asian dusty cities with offers to every owner of a private shop for purchasing those pictures. It not only worked, but we continued to travel on the money I was earning during the next year.
That was the beginning of my career, however, my life has turned in so many unexpected directions since then. When I reached the age of 15 years old, I started to live and travel alone, purchased a graphic tablet, and instead of live sales begun to freelance.”

After graduation from Russian State Cinematography University at Animation faculty in 2018, Robert moved to Europe where he continued to travel and absorb inspiring diversity of cultures and proceeded to express his experience through art.

“I had many teachers in my life. And even more memorable interactions that have based my main life goal as perpetual diversification and search for answers. Answers on life's crucial matters, as well as solutions to art problems. 
Animation for me has always been the combination of two main passions - cinematography and drawing. I love to draw, and I love cinematography as a medium that is capable to combine so many art streams in one and express written ideas through audio-visual-performing. It is capable to be so persuasive in the final execution! And it collects so many creatives together under the same inspiration!!
In the current state of my life, I wish to find the place where I could be part of a creative community and help it add to this world at least a bit more style through pictorial projects. And I wish to develop, develop and develop since I feel that there is always only one thing that compels me to continue living - it is the excitement from the feeling of moving forward and obtaining new knowledge and skills! ”

Work experience. 
Besides these core points below, I have done dozens of freelance orders

Clean-up animation
March 2017 - June 2018

Design and illustration
Dec 2017- July  2018
Prosvet, natural health medical company in Moscow

Storyboard artist
July 2018 - Nov 2018

Animation, character design and illustration
Nov 2018- March 2019
Yarkie Ludi, event organisation company in Moscow

Animation and character design
Nov 2019- Feb 2020
Kinder Chocolate, chocolate brand 

Animation and character design
March 2020- October 2020

Area of expertise
Professionalism in frame-by-frame animation, flash-puppet animation, rigging and character design.
Broad experience in storyboarding, montage, illustration, graphic design, sound design and 3D animation/modelling.

Program skills
Excellence in Toon Boom Harmony, After Effects, Photoshop
Working knowledge of Moho, Tv paint, Animate, Illustrator, Cinema 4D, Blender